Nightclub And Bar Promotion Ideas From Galaxy Multi Rides

Entertainment and recreation hotspots are consistently reinventing their strategies to entice patrons and to draw new guests. The foods, the drinks and the ambience are certainly the most important facets of any nightclub or bar but consumers have become more demanding in recent times and they are always looking for more ways to have fun. The only solution to that happens to be nightclub and bar promotion ideas.

With the right nightclub and bar promotion ideas, any bar or nightclub can become the talk of the town. The place would not only draw additional footfall but would also help to retain the existing customers. Given the increasing competition in the hospitality industry, particularly among nightclubs and bars, it is imperative to retain existing customers. Nightclub and bar promotion ideas are a great way to go about that.

Mechanical Bull RideWhen one thinks of nightclub and bar promotion ideas, happy hours or some table games are what come to mind. Some places also offer special promotions and heavily discounted prices among other freebies. It is necessary to go beyond the pool tables and the odd happy hours because they have become too conventional and are not what entice people these days. People are not exactly looking for a general discount or for some hour of affordable drinking. People are looking for fun and that is exactly what they can have with the nightclub and bar promotion ideas from Galaxy Multi Rides.

Galaxy Multi Rides specializes in various types of machines, equipments and games, which can be amazing fun for everyone. Take for instance, the Mechanical Bull and the Surf Machine. Almost everyone would have seen dozens of videos of bull riding and anyone would want to be a pro surfer. While bull riding or surfing is an extremely difficult sport and not everyone would be able to indulge in it in real life, the Mechanical Bull and Surf Machine from Galaxy Multi Rides make it possible for everyone who comes to your nightclub or bar.

There are many more nightclub and bar promotion ideas from Galaxy Multi Rides including unique attachments to the aforementioned and interactive games, which can change the setting and ambience of your place as well as why people would love to come over walking through your door. Galaxy Multi Rides also makes customized rides, equipments and games so they can conveniently fit into your nightclub and bar.
Fore more information on Nightclub and Bar Promotion Ideas, give the experts a call at Galaxy Multi Rides.

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Introducing “Meltdown” from Galaxy Multi Rides

What’s better than a 4 person interactive entertainment game? You’ve got it! A fun filled interactive game that 8 can play! Introducing MELTDOWN from Galaxy Multi Rides. The Meltdown will boost your profits and bring hours of fun & entertainment to your customers. Contact Galaxy Multi Rides today and order your game before your competition does!

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Meltdown – Multi Player Action Game from Galaxy Multi Rides

Galaxy Multi Rides introduces one of their newest interactive games…The Meltdown…one of our new variations of Redneck Games.

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27 New Attachments now NJ Certified!

As you may know, particularly those of you who already own our mechanical bulls, we have had type certification on our Bull system for many years. We are delighted to announce that we now have a new type certification for a wide selection of additional themed ride attachments (the complete list is below)
Mechanical Bull Attachments
Now you can add any of the exciting themed ride attachments to your existing Multi Ride system, thus allowing you to offer more choice to your customers and increase your profits. The Shark Attack or Killer Whale would be a huge hit at the Jersey Shore. Although Halloween is still a while away, why not explore new markets with the Spider or Pumpkin? What better way to celebrate Christmas with a ride on Rodeo Rudolph the Reindeer?!

We have done the new type certification under the name The Galaxy Multi Ride High Profile Mark II motion base. The new type certification will not affect your existing type certification for your bull. If you decide to add any of the additional themed ride attachments you will then apply under the new type certification.
With your purchase we can assist you with the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey Approved Multi Rides:

Regular Bull – Bad Ass Bull – Macho Bull – Spider – Great White Shark – Broom Stick – Killer Whale – Burger – Reindeer – Grizzly Bear – Bottle – Can - Hotdog - Banana – Camel – Penis – Donkey – Gator – Buffalo – Hammerhead Shark – Harley the Hog – Pumpkin – Lime Wedge – Road Glide Motorcycle - Pheasant - Sauce Packet

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Many Thanks

Robin & The Galaxy Team

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Check out Galaxy Multi Ride’s Haunted House Attractions for 2013

Even before the air turns crisp in the Fall, anyone interested in the business of Haunted House production is busy. There are actors to hire, and attractions to plan out carefully. Consideration to safety is important, as is giving visitors what they want in having a good scare. Most find that each new year sees a little more competition, and it gets harder and harder to discover new ideas for Haunted Houses that keep guests coming in AND coming back. Keeping a spooky frightening atmosphere while adding fun attractions is a tricky part of this business. The combination of mechanical rides for Halloween Haunted Houses might seem an odd combination if you haven’t seen the Spider, Pumpkin and Corn Maize rides.Buy Mechanical Pumpkin




Like the mechanical bull ride often used in bars and carnivals, the Arachnid Attack (a rodeo mechanical Spider ride ) is safe, easy to setup, and will keep crowds interested and engaged while waiting for their turn to be escorted to the main Haunted House attractions.

Fitted with Galaxy’s Automatic Stop System, the Mechanical Spider stops as soon as the rider falls. Made of Sofolex material ensures that riders will not complain of impact injuries or pain from using the ride. From the guest’s standpoint, just as with mechanical bull, riders will want to try again soon, and crowds will want to watch. What more can you look for in a haunted house attraction?

As part of a Haunted House attraction this ride fits the theme, and as the Spider tries to buck the rider two LED digital time clocks give the operator and rider a running total of the time. Spinning, bucking action gives the rider an element of thrill that will keep the rider and those watching entertained.

The Rodeo Pumpkin system works in the same way with a smug, leering jack o’ lantern face keeping up the pace. As with the Spider the Pumpkin has a choice of landing inflatables for soft landings, and takes only about 20 minutes to set up. Similarly the mechanical corn maize ride will fit the theme of the other Haunted House attractions and have the action of mechanical rides for Halloween. The mechanical corn maize ride was developed for the very popular corn mazes that get more and more attention each year.

Thrills and scares are what crowds are coming for, and as these rides fit the theme of a Haunted House, they don’t jar the guests out of their spooky mood. These rides keep the action going all the way into the main event of having the fright night they are hoping to find.

For more information on Galaxy Multi Ride’s popular ride of Haunted House Attractions, you’ll want to visit the Galaxy Website at

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Nightclub and Bar Promotions That Work – From Galaxy Multi Rides

The secret to a successful night club and bar business is to find promotions that will really work. Galaxy Multi Rides has just what you need for the perfect promotion.

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In 1990 Galaxy designed the Galaxy Multi Ride system & re-invented the mechanical bull in order to create a safe alternative to the potentially dangerous mechanical bull machines that were available at the time.

At that time, the original mechanical bulls were designed for training professional rodeo riders.  The transition from being a training device to an entertainment ride happened in the late 1960’s.  Someone thought it was a great idea to install a training mechanical bull in to a bar to entertain the cowboys. These were very powerful hydraulic machines or 220 volt powered machines with 3-5 HP motors.

The idea caught on and more & more of this kind of machine found their way in to bars all over the country.  Unfortunately, as mechanical bull riding became popular with the general public, injuries started to happen.   The main problems from origination still continue with this type of mechanical bulls. Fundamentally this type of machine was designed as a training device for professional rodeo riders, NOT as an amusement device.

Forty years later these type of machines have not changed in design and are still manufactured, sold and in operation today. Most people’s perception of the motion of a mechanical bull is the back end of the ride lurches up to approximately to a 90 degree angle and throws the rider over the head. This perception is absolutely correct. The combination of this highly aggressive motion combined with a fast spin motion; is going to throw the rider right over the front of the bull body virtually every time.

At this point the following can occur.

1)     The rider collides with the hard head of the bull. Injury risk potential? Broken teeth, broken nose, injuries to face

2)     The rider goes over the head. To break their fall, the rider will instinctively put their arms out.  Injury risk potential? Broken/dislocated fingers, wrists, arms and neck

Not one of these types of machines is fitted with an Automatic Stop Sensor or a Soft Foam Safety head. Stopping the bull is left solely to the discretion of the operator; if the bull does not stop instantly the moment the rider falls, this can lead to impact injuries to the rider.

Another potential hazard with these types of machines are that the motors are connected to a drive/fan belt, which turns the bearing, making it rotate. The potential problem is drive belts can slip or break, if not regularly maintained and checked for wear. If the drive belt does slip or break the machine will not be able to stop, thus it will continue to rotate and can be a potential danger to the rider.

A common feature of this type of machine is the professional style rope/strap handle used on real bulls. The rider on a real bull wants to get as much grip as possible to stay on the bull longer. A leather strap or rope is strapped to the bull and the rider will slide their hand through it to improve their grip.  If this style of handle is fitted to a mechanical bull, the potential for entrapment injuries is horrendous. People have suffered broken bones and lost fingers through using this type of handle.

In the early days there was no type of protection for the participant to fall on.   Even though an inflatable safety cushion would be supplied today, there is still an unacceptable amount of steel exposed that can cause injury. Overall the risk of injury to the rider is far greater on this type of machine if it does not have the safety features, which are found on the systems like the Galaxy Multi Ride.


The Galaxy Multi Ride system was designed to eradicate all of the above mentioned safety issues. The Galaxy Multi Ride system is not a Rodeo Simulator; it is an entertainment machine that offers over 50 different themed ride attachments.  The Rodeo Bull just happens to be one of those ride attachments.

The first safety point Galaxy addressed was the actual motion of the machine and the power of the motors. Galaxy designed a unique pitch and roll motion, the machine will pitch forward 30 degrees, roll left 20 degrees, pitch back 20 degrees and roll right 20 degrees. This motion is then repeated to create a continuous, pitch/roll motion. The motion created ensures that the rider will fall left or right of the bull body, landing on their back or bottom on the soft safety cushion, 99% of the time.

Galaxy realized it was unnecessary to use high-powered electric motors to achieve the desired ride. Every machine has two 1 horsepower electric motors that are powered from 110 volts; one to control the rotation motion & one to control the pitch/roll motion.  Both motors employ a direct drive system that eradicates the need for any drive belts. This means there is no chance whatsoever that the machine can continue to move once the rider has fallen off.

Galaxy identified the importance of removing the chance of human error in stopping the ride when the rider falls. This is done via the Auto Stop Sensor (ASS). The ASS is an optical sensor fitted to the ride body; the rider wears a wristband lanyard around the wrist of the hand they will be using to hold on to the rope handle. At the end of the lanyard is a cover patch that is placed over the sensor & secured by Velcro. The operator can now start the ride.  As soon as the rider begins to fall, the Velcro patch becomes detached and the machine will stop instantly. Even if the operator is distracted the ride will always stop.

To remove any potential of impact injuries by colliding with a hard fiberglass or metal head, Galaxy invented & developed their Soft Foam Safety head. The head is made from a product called Sofolex, which was specifically designed by the company for this purpose; every ride is constructed & fitted with a Soft Foam Safety head.

The company even designed a special rope handle to ensure that the rider’s hand or fingers couldn’t get trapped. The rope only protrudes above the body by six inches so the rider cannot wrap it around their hands. The inflatable safety cushion was meticulously designed to offer maximum protection to the rider. Safety padding covers every part of exposed steel; every inflatable cushion has a retaining wall around the perimeter to ensure the rider cannot fall out of the enclosure.

The company is aware that a novice operator cannot possibly know or gauge the ability of a rider. Therefore Galaxy has created a series of pre-set automatic motion programs that have been designed to offer a safe & exciting ride experience for every level of rider ability.

Galaxy has designed state of the art electronics employing a dynamic breaking system to the motors, this ensures that even in an emergency situation or sudden loss of power, the machine will always stop instantly.

Galaxy believes that safety is only achieved through education.   Therefore the company has implemented a choice of training programs. Every customer is extended the invitation to attend the factory for training on the set up & operation of their Multi Ride System. If the customer is unable to attend, the company has produced a training questionnaire and offers a training program via the telephone or video-conference.  Galaxy understands that if a user has not been trained then they really can’t be expected to know what is right or wrong.  Therefore,  offering correct training programs are a part of every sale.

Here is a summary of the safety features & innovations on the Galaxy Multi Ride

  • Unique pitch & roll motion
  • Direct Drive system
  • Soft Foam Safety Head
  • Automatic Stop Sensor
  • Special design rope handle
  • Custom design inflatable surround
  • State of the art electronics with dynamic breaking

Galaxy is the only company in the world who manufacture every part of their product in house in their own factory.

  • This includes the fabrication & engineering of the mechanical motion base.
  • The fabrication & lamination of all of the ride attachments,
  • The design and production of the control system electronics.
  • The design and manufacture of the inflatable safety cushions.

Each and every part is manufactured by trained technicians to the highest standard; the completed machine is thoroughly tested prior to delivery to the customer. This process is ensures that the customer is buying the safest Multi Ride system in the world.

If you are unsure as to which kind of machine you are hiring (renting), buying or even riding; just ask your provider if the machine has the above mentioned safety features.

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Buy a Mechanical Bull! 0% Interest free credit for 18 months!

Financing for Mechanical Bull Multi RideIt’s the same old problem; You know that the piece of equipment you want is going to pay for itself. You just don’t want to damage your cash flow, so what do you do?

Galaxy America are pleased to announce that we can now offer 0% APR interest free payments over 18 months.
Allowing you to spread the cost of your new Mechanical Bull Multi Ride System over the 18 months.

For example:
Regular Bull System: $15,999

18 monthly payments $888.83

Interest Paid: $0

Total Price Paid $15,999

One months payment can be less than a  4-6 hour rental income, why pay huge interest charges on bank loans or credit cards when you can get 0% credit?

This amazing offer is available on our complete range, why not cash in on the Rental sensation of the year, The Redneck Games?

If you already own one of our systems just buy the upgrade inflatable & attachment? This can cost you as little as $278 a month, 0% interest free for 18 months. Or buy a complete Redneck Games System for as little as $888.83 a month, 0% interest free for 18 months.

Every ride attachment is interchangeable on the same motion system, so why not invest in a new ride attraction to offer your customers?

*This offer is available to US Customers only, with approved credit. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call or reply to this email.

We look forward to hearing from you  soon, all the best from the Galaxy team.

Reasons to buy the best…- The original inventor and manufacturer
- Over 4000 machines worldwide
- 23 Years manufacturing the worlds best bull
- Safest mechanical Bull in the world
- More than just Bull! 58 attachments so far!
- Made in the USA by American workers!

The Galaxy Multi Ride system is the safest mechanical ride in the world; we have innovated unique safety features such as, the soft foam safety head which eradicates any potential for impact injuries, the auto stop sensor, this ensures the ride stops instantly as soon as the rider falls. The motion of the ride ensures that the rider is thrown to the side and not over the head. All the major insurance companies in the leisure industry recommend our rides and offer very competitive cover.

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Tips for Boosting Your Bar Business With a Mechanical Bull

BAD ASS BAR BULLOperating a bar or nightclub  can be tough in this economy. And , of course, lower profits mean less money for promotions and new activities. Unfortunately this should be one of the LAST things cut!

Advertising, Promotions and new Attractions bring people into the business. Galaxy Multirides has developed a way for a nightclub or bar to make money and advertise at the same time. They offer nightclub and bar promotions that work and that will make you money at the same time.

Behold the mechanical bull bucking machine! This is NOT just a standard mechanical bull. The ride can be modified to be a mechanical beer can, mechanical pit…even a mechanical taco. If your club has some good vendors, they might be willing sponsor the purchase of any ride with their image or logo on it.

One of the first decisions that has to be made is whether to rent a mechanical bull for a short term promotion, or whether a mechanical should be purchased and used indefinitely for a series of promotions, along with the offer of a very nice main attraction.

This decision is a fairly easy one.  The rental of a mechanical bull ranges from $895-$1800 depending on where, how long & when you want to run your promotion.  Most places will use their mechanical bull a minimum of 4 times.  When you consider that the cost of a mechanical bull is far less than $20,000, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll want to purchase your bull.

Below is one of the newest mechanical bulls offered buy Galaxy Multi Rides…and this bull was designed JUST for bars and nightclubs.  The ball is called the “Bad Ass Bar Bull”.  Just imagine the fun this bull will offer your customers!

Another great thing about the Multi Ride Mechanical Bull is that it’s portable. Want to promote your bar business at a college event? The Galaxy Multiride Mechanical Bull can be easily set up in 15 minutes. So…if the business won’t come to you….you can go to the business.

And don’t forget, the bull isn’t the only attachment you can use.  Galaxy has over 50 attachments for their multi ride units.  There really is no limit to what you can offer with this ride.

For more information on Galaxy Multiride’s Bar and Nightclub Promotionals, give the experts at Galaxy a call 941-697-0324

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Galaxy Multi Rides Showcasing Newest Products at the AIR Show in Austin, Texas.

Mike Whincup, Marketing Director of Galaxy Multi Rides announced today that Galaxy will be showcasing their products once again at the AIR Show.  The show is being held at the Texas Convention Center in Austin, TX. Their booth # is 111.

Mike says, “We love doing the  American Inflatable Road Show .  Although it’s a lot smaller than the IAAPA show, it’s held in different parts of the country throughout the year.  This enables us to speak with people who might not be able to make it to IAAPA.  Regional shows offer an inexpensive way for party rental company owners to meet with the manufacturers and still get the trade show discounts offered at the big shows.”

Galaxy Multi Rides has been manufacturing the mechanical bull multi ride unit for almost 25 years.  Along side the bull, they have attachments ranging from the mechanical rodeo grizzly bear to the mechanical bulldog to a mechanical hammerhead shark!  They have the capabilities to manufacture a custom multi ride unit in almost any theme a client would need.

Their most recent ride, Redneck Gameswas one of the biggest hits at the IAAPA show seen in years.  Mike says, “Redneck Games is the brand new multi player action game offered for the first time this year.  It’s a collection of games designed to challenge your agility, balance and endurance themed to look like you are in the swamp of the Deep South.  And very quickly we have followed that up with a military themed version.”

Galaxy, the largest mechanical bull manufacturer in the world, has established a partnership relationship with their clients.  They offer marketing tips and suggestions along with new business suggestions that will help their clients to grow their business at their own pace.

The American Inflatable Road Show (AIR) is the largest inflatable trade show in the world. Founded in 2012 with the support of leading US manufacturers, it’s the only show dedicated entirely to the Inflatable industry although there are select other manufacturers at the show, that offer specialty items to party rental owners.
You can find more information on Galaxy Multi Rides by visiting their website.

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