Redneck Games – The Newest of Galaxy Multi Rides Long Line of Hits!



Address: Pt Charlotte, FL

Company: Galaxy Multi Rides

Phone Number: US (941) 697-0324 UK (01423) 541 867

Contact Person: Mike Whincup, VP Marketing

Galaxy Multi Rides to Launch a New Line of Entertainment Items Called Redneck Games

Galaxy Multi Rides just came out with a new line of entertainment items called Redneck Games. Showcased at the IAAPA 2012 show in Orlando, these games were considered to be one of the best new entertainment games in the marketplace.  Redneck Games is a state-of-the-art multi-player action game produced by the original manufacturer of the Galaxy Mechanical Bull.   Redneck Games is a collection of games designed to challenge agility, endurance and balance.  The game/ride is  themed to feel like gamers are in the swamp of the Deep South.

The Redneck Games by Galaxy Multi Rides is a game full of excitement, fun and pleasure that participants and spectators both will enjoy. Multiple activities are provided within the one game.  Although a huge number of party rental companies were ordering the game at the IAAPA show, it can be used for advertising promotions or in fixed locations like bars and entertainment centers.

Here is a quick description of the goal of “Log Slammer”, which is just one of the games sold as part of the package.  “Four of you are trapped floating I the swamp on tree stumps, trying desperately to avoid the swinging logs.  Do you jump?  Or do you duck?  Either way, just make sure that you don’t get snapped up by the hungry alligators below.”

Mike Whincup says, “We showed the Redneck Games for the very first time in Orlando at the IAAPA show and they were the hit of the show.  The party and entertainment industry hasn’t seen anything this new or unique in a number of years.  Our volume of sales at the surpassed our highest goals!”

Galaxy Multi Rides is a family-owned and operated company that has developed its trust and reputation of quality, customer service as well innovation.  Their original mechanical bull multi ride unit has been the world’s top seller for years.  Redneck Games are built to last. They will be a sure hit for any organization.

For those who want to know more about the latest Redneck Games by Galaxy Multi Ride, or want to experience the excitement of this game , visit their website or call their customer hotline number.


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