Looking for a Great Nightclub & Bar Promotion? Check Out The Bad Ass Bar Bull!

If you’re like many other UK bar owners, you’re probably looking for a way to increase your business. Especially this time of year. The holiday season is over, people have spent more money than they should have spent so they’re probably not going to spend money on entertainment unless they have a REALLY good reason to do it.

So, how about a Bad Ass Bull Nightclub & Bar Promotion? What’s a Bad Ass Bar Bull? It’s only the BEST Mechanical Bull on the market for bars and nightclubs. Below is a video of the Bad Ass Bar Bull during it’s debut performance at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2011.

You can use the Bad Ass Bull for all types of promotions although one of the most frequent promotions is a bull riding contest. You’ll want to drag the contest out for about 6 weeks to give time to build excitement. Try to partner with one of your distributors or vendors to offer a great prize.

Remember, the better the prize, the more excitement you’ll generate. The bar promotion can be held on one of your slower nights of the week, but you might want the championship rides to be on a Saturday night. That way, more people will see, and they’ll all be ready to join the contest the next time around.

Don’t forget to offer some discount pricing on practice nights. You want people in the door again and again to ride your mechanical bad ass bull!

Have a Facebook Page? Make sure to let all your fans know about your new arrival. Post pictures of the bull on your site and encourage riders to encourage their on pictures too!

How about letting your FB fans vote on some of their favorite videos? The more cool videos that are posted, the better chance you have of your promotion going viral! The bad ass bar bull and social media will go hand in hand to drive your profits through the roof.

The new bad ass bar bull is not only exciting, it’s safe too. And if you decide to use the new option of a video camera in the head of the bull, you can stream your video to every TV in your venue! Actually, with just a few extra electronic tweaks, you can stream your riders online for EVERYONE to see! What a great way to promote what you’re doing.

Your customers will love it, your distributors/vendors will love it and you’ll LOVE the increase in your profits.

There are so many nightclub and bar promotions you can try, but why not give some consideration to one that guarantees success! Get your year started the right way, with the bad ass bar bull!

The bad ass bar bull can be found at: Rodeo Bull Nightclub & Bar Promotions. The Rodeo Bull Company also does custom mechanical rides for specific promotions. Need a Bad Ass Pig? Or a Bad Ass Ass????? The Rodeo Bull Company can do it all! Call 941-697-0324 for more info.

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